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A note from the artist

Thank you for visiting my website. This is a catalog of my work. I hope you will enjoy looking around.


I live in Houston, Texas, and have lived here for 20 years. Originally I’m from Denmark. 


I was always an artist who ended up in architecture school and then worked for some time as an architect. However, when I became a mother, I left the business intending to return but never found my way back. Instead, I refound paint and brushes. 


Because of the need for inspiration and community, I take classes at The Glassell School of Art in Houston. It is a great advantage to study with fellow artists, get to learn from great teachers, and get challenged in my work. 

I very much enjoy mixed media and using many different forms of techniques. My work is mainly abstract. 

If you have any comments or feel like getting in touch send me an email. Of course, my work is also for sale. Let me know if you see something you love. I look forward to hearing from you.

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